Test Prep – Math Rotations



I usually complete a short whole group lesson and then 3 math rotations where I meet with each student each day.  HOWEVER – I am adjusting my math block to include test prep for the big state test.  I am now going to complete a whole group lesson for the full math time in the morning (45 min).  In the afternoon – I will dedicated about 40 minutes to test prep rotations THREE times a week.

Below is  a screen capture of the sheet students from group 1 have in their math folders.  It tells them exactly where to go and what to do.

Click here for the full word file.





I split my students into 4 groups.  Groups 1 and 4 are the students that are struggling.  I organized them so I could meet with my struggling students twice.  The picture above shows where students keep their math notebooks.  This notebook holds a sheet that tells them what group they are in and where they go.  You also see where I store the math packet for that week (to be completed during independent practice).

I have organized my my rotations into Day A, Day B, and Day C.  I made a very simple sign that I put on the board to keep track of what day we are on (see the top picture of the post.)

There are a total of 4 rotations

1. Independent Practice – Math packet

2. iPAD – QR code task cards or iXL math

3. Teacher – Topic students are struggling in

4. Computer – iXL math

—–> We only complete 2 rotations per day.


The picture above shows a look inside the student folder.  This is where they keep the math packet they work on during independent practice.


Another rotation is to play a math game (during Day C).  This can be task cards or a board game.  This week I had students complete this time task card center.



When students come to Teacher we complete a math tri-fold that focuses on a skill they are weak on.  This week we worked on fractions on a number line.  Notice how I also keep a master list of where students are supposed to be in my math binder.

Why do I love the new rotations?  Because I get to meet with 3 to 4 students at a time instead of 4 or 5.  It makes a HUGE difference.  My favorite thing is the sheet that student keep inside their folder – they know exactly where to go and there is very little time spent switching.