Good-bye carpet!

We finally went through with it and bought laminate flooring from Lowes!  We have been wanting to do this for years…4.5 years ;)  Last week Lowes came to our home and installed it! A total of 5 days of somewhat torture —- it was like moving homes.  I am still not 100% done putting everything back.  I have a couple of boxes that I need to go through and I’ve been putting it off.  Anyways, the floor look beautiful!  It is a little bit darker than I thought, but it goes will with our furniture.  The next step is to decorate…and paint… but that we will save for next summer.  A little a time :)  Below is a before and after pic:

before after floor pic

Pretty, right?  :)  I’m working on some photo galleries to put on the walls…i’ll take a pic and show those when they are done.

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