Spring Cleaning Giveaway and Sale!

Guess what?! The girls and I over at Upper Elementary Snapshots are getting together to throw a ‘Spring Cleaning’ Giveaway and Sale!  Click on the picture to visit the blog post on our blog :)

Spring Cleaning

We are giving away 6 $20 TpT gift certificates.  Use the Rafflecopter below for a chance to enter on March 25th and March 26th.

Then, on March 27th and March 28th, our individual TpT stores will be on sale.  This is the perfect time to grab some fantastic resources to finish up this school year!

Here is a list of our stores – get up to 20% off all of our resources for 2 days ONLY! (Friday/Saturday) Happy shopping!!

Our TPT Stores:


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Test Prep – Math Rotations



I usually complete a short whole group lesson and then 3 math rotations where I meet with each student each day.  HOWEVER – I am adjusting my math block to include test prep for the big state test.  I am now going to complete a whole group lesson for the full math time in the morning (45 min).  In the afternoon – I will dedicated about 40 minutes to test prep rotations THREE times a week.

Below is  a screen capture of the sheet students from group 1 have in their math folders.  It tells them exactly where to go and what to do.

Click here for the full word file.





I split my students into 4 groups.  Groups 1 and 4 are the students that are struggling.  I organized them so I could meet with my struggling students twice.  The picture above shows where students keep their math notebooks.  This notebook holds a sheet that tells them what group they are in and where they go.  You also see where I store the math packet for that week (to be completed during independent practice).

I have organized my my rotations into Day A, Day B, and Day C.  I made a very simple sign that I put on the board to keep track of what day we are on (see the top picture of the post.)

There are a total of 4 rotations

1. Independent Practice – Math packet

2. iPAD – QR code task cards or iXL math

3. Teacher – Topic students are struggling in

4. Computer – iXL math

—–> We only complete 2 rotations per day.


The picture above shows a look inside the student folder.  This is where they keep the math packet they work on during independent practice.


Another rotation is to play a math game (during Day C).  This can be task cards or a board game.  This week I had students complete this time task card center.



When students come to Teacher we complete a math tri-fold that focuses on a skill they are weak on.  This week we worked on fractions on a number line.  Notice how I also keep a master list of where students are supposed to be in my math binder.

Why do I love the new rotations?  Because I get to meet with 3 to 4 students at a time instead of 4 or 5.  It makes a HUGE difference.  My favorite thing is the sheet that student keep inside their folder – they know exactly where to go and there is very little time spent switching.


Back to School $50 Giveaway

If you didn’t know… the big Back to School TPT Sale is Monday, August 4th and Tuesday, August 5th!  I am going to do my first gift certificate giveaway to help you with your shopping :) :)

This will be my SECOND time participating in this HUGE event…I am SO excited (as a buyer and seller!).  Let me share with you some of the items that I’ve worked on recently…

ScreenHunter_665 Jun. 30 08.05

I finally was able to bundle my BEST SELLER!! This product was a lifesaver last year – my students knew to expect this for morning work. Best of all – it spiral reviews ALL 3rd grade common core math standards!

ScreenHunter_670 Jul. 12 17.31

I am SO excited about my NEWEST product!! I plan to use these tri-folds to start my Math Wrokshop…There are 3 for each math standard, so I can continue to work with my students during small group and still have one left over to take as a grade!

ScreenHunter_723 Jul. 30 08.09

I combined most of my math games to give you this SUPER MATH CENTERS BUNDLE :) It is reduced at huge savings! These are a must if you want to conduct math workshop!

ScreenHunter_693 Jul. 20 09.21

Finally, I started a new series of task cards for each quarter. This is my first set :) 9 centers to keep you set for a task card center!


Now I want to share with you what I am going to purchase as a teacher :)

ScreenHunter_737 Aug. 02 07.21  ScreenHunter_738 Aug. 02 07.22 ScreenHunter_739 Aug. 02 07.23 ScreenHunter_740 Aug. 02 07.23   ScreenHunter_741 Aug. 02 07.24 ScreenHunter_743 Aug. 02 07.26

As you can see….I am really going to take advantage of this sale!!  I am personaly really excited about the daily math homework – I wanted to create my own this summer, but found this Weekly Homework set from the One Stop Teacher Shop.  It spiral reviews all common core math standards just like my Daily Math & Lang. Arts Morning Work :)



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Monday Meet Up

I’m linking up with a Monday Meet Up – First time! and it’s the last :(  better late than never ;)

TTT Summer Bloggin-72

Here are some random facts about me :)

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 3.46.23 PM

Summer Sundays! Freebie #1: Editable Classroom Schedule!

It’s summer, so I’ve decided to do a little weekly blog post: Summer Sundays – Freebies from Mrs. S :)

I went back and found a schedule board that I made last summer and made it editable.  So, you can change the title, times, and subjects.  There is also a small chart that you can add what specials you go to each week.  You could use a clothespin to mark where your class is each day (make it a classroom job).  Images are below – click the link to download for free from TPT :)


2nd Grade – McGraw Hill Wonders – Close Reading Sheets :)

Hello everyone!  I hope you are all enjoying summer vacation :) :)  I am very pleased to so say that I have finished one of my items on my to-do list!  I have typed up some comprehension sheets to go with the Reading/Writing Workshop book – Wonder series for SECOND grade!  I had such a great response to the ones that I created for third grade – I am sure you will LOVE them.

Below are some screen captures of the pages.  You can go to this page to view the file on my TPT store.  You can also view the complete Unit 6 for free by going to this page.

I will be working on the comprehension tri-folds for 2nd grade anthology stories next!  Expect those done by Friday (6/20).  Thanks for reading :)

Teacher Planner – Common Core Standards K-5 – EDITABLE!

Check out the planner I made for this upcoming school year!  I am so proud of myself – I think it looks great :)  The coolest thing is that it is editable – so you can change your grade level and name.  You can also add other info to the monthly views – I added my district’s school calendar and family birthdays :)
I then went back and added a log-in information page and common core standards!! K-5.  I plant to only print grade 3 for myself :)  
You can take the pages to Office Max and get them bound for only a few dollar :)  I bought the spinal binding from amazon and will do one for each person in my third grade team!
Enjoy the preview images – you can find the file here on my TPT store.  It has a free preview, but you have to actually download the preview to see the editable features :)  

Summer is Here!!

As you have noticed – I have not been very good at keeping up with this blog.  I will try my best this summer to share my planning with you all and then hope to keep it going come the new school year!

1. Play with the girls :) :)
2. Review letters/blending/numbers/etc. with the girls!
3. Get the floors done! (laminate flooring)
4. COOK ;)
5. Paint a couple of rooms!!

Here is my TPT TO DO LIST: (It’s super long)
1. EDIT & RE-UPLOAD my Daily Math and Morning Work (make it a bundle weeks 1-30).
2. Complete my SECOND grade wonders resources.
3. EDIT the rest of my products =D
4. Start & complete FOURTH grade wonders resources.
5. Work on a secret new product for my store that I will SO use each and every day this upcoming year!!! (math related)
6. Work on any custom work orders (lesson plan templates)

Here is my TEACHER/Classroom TO DO LIST:
1. Reorganize my classroom library

2 more days left (both teacher workdays) and then summer is here!  I am a little excited about having the girls in summer camp for 3 weeks – that will give me some free time to get my TPT goals done.  I will – of course- pick them up early to get some mommy time with the girls :) fun times await!