Lesson Plan Template

Our school requires us to inclue a weekly objective and essential question for each subject.  It took me some time to come up with a lesson plan format that I like.

Included in this freebie is an EXCEL lesson plan template that includes a spot for just that.  I hope someone else can find it helpful :)

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Teacher’s Notebook

So, I found a better site to sell your files on.  If you haven’t started a shop and want to… check out Teachers Notebook.  You get to keep more of the money that you earn.  Teachers Pay Teachers keeps more.  At least that’s what I think.

First Grade Files!

I finally found several of my files that I used when I taught first grade.  I added them to my new Teachers Pay Teachers site.  I like that I can keep track of how many downloads each item has.  I’m going to move my free files there and will also have some for purchase.  I will try and keep them all under $5.

FCAT Review – Economics Unit

FCAT is coming up in three weeks, so I will be taking the next few weeks to review all subjects, not just math and reading.  I plan on using my PM Science/S.Studies time to review as well.  I don’t want to hit them with tons of new information, because we will be working hard on math and reading.

We do not have many resources when it comes to social studies, so I typed up a packet to review Economics with them.  I plan to use this as stations.  I will also have a computer station.  This is material we have already visited at the beginning of the year, so students should be able to work independently.  This will give me some time to pull students who need that extra review before FCAT.

Feel free to use.

Go here to download - click to download PDF file


government review – here is a second review packet.