Fourth Grade Common Core Math Pre-Assessments and Guided Math Sheets

I have finally finished the 4th grade common core math pre-assessments, tracking sheets, and guided math sheets.  They are in the same format as the 3rd grade ones (more information here).  Below are some screen captures of the files.

There are a total of 28 pages of pre-assessments – one for each standard. They are neatly broken down by topic and cluster. There’s an average of 4 questions that require student to explain their thinking – not multiple choice.

I typed up a small guided math group lesson planner.

This page will be very helpful when making small groups for guided math. You can quickly see where the class is weak/strong to guide your whole-group instruction as well.

These sheets are intended for you to keep detailed notes on student progress.

Now for the giveaway… you can purchase the packet now through my TPT shop or TN shop, or you can wait and see if you will be one of the two winners…

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  1. I am a math Rti teacher, and LOVE your blog! It has already been beneficial to me, and I’m only 1 week into the year!

  2. I LOVE THIS! I was wondering how i would be able to get it!? i work in a small private school and are limited with training and resources given to me so i fend for myself online!

  3. Hi Mrs. S,

    I LOVE your pre-assessments. Is there any possible way I can get a copy of them? I would greatly appreciate it.

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